Jan Adriaenssens

I’m director public technology at imec. I get to think about, and work on, the use of technology with larger societal impact. While technology shouldn’t determine our future, it will and should have a large impact on how we live.

I have degrees in mathematics (PhD, University of Antwerp, 🇧🇪) and philosophy (MSc, LSE, 🇬🇧). I did an Erasmus exchange too (University of Granada, 🇪🇸).

I previously worked for the Flemish government on science, technology and innovation policy.

I live, and love to live, in Antwerp.

In addition, I’m Aspiring Superintendent of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

Section of a Map of Antwerp, by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (1832).

My raw thoughts (and lots of pictures) on Twitter: @verbeeld (not updated any more).

Experimenting in the fediverse on Mastodon: @verbeeld.

My polished self-image on LinkedIn: janadriaenssens.

Not active any more on Facebook or Instagram.

I did have my own photoblog (written in php and css) in 2004-2006 on verbeeld.be, which published daily pictures (those were the days).